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Whether you’ve already bought an EV or are looking to future-proof your home or business, Solar Plus are Melbourne’s foremost experts in EV charger installation. The electric vehicle revolution is here, but charging an EV isn’t as simple as charging your phone: to get the most out of your EV, you’ll need a home charger which will charge your EV up to four times faster than a standard mains connection.
Whether it’s Tesla, Wallbox or another brand, our Master Electricians are fully trained and accredited to install your EV charger so you can make the most of your electric vehicle – including integration with solar + battery systems.

Residential installations

A fast charger is without a doubt the most efficient way of making the most of an EV. Our home charger options are designed to be user friendly, with apps to help you make the most out of your charging, as well as solar + battery integration. We’ll also assess your current electrical infrastructure and carry out any upgrades or future-proofing as required.

Commercial installations

Whether you’re providing charging services as an employee perk or as a way to attract affluent customers, Solar Plus can design the perfect charging system for your needs. Our Master Electricians are fully trained to install all leading brands of EV chargers, including integration with solar + battery systems. We specialise in multiple charger installations, and will make sure you’re set up to profit from paid-for charging services from day one.

How it works

Our EV specialists will carry out a full assessment of your current electricity infrastructure and charging needs. Working with our CEC-accredited electricians, they’ll design a system tailored specifically to your situation.  Our expert electricians will visit your premises to verify the design and ensure there are no surprises prior to installation.  Once approved, we’ll meticulously install your new EV charger and guide you through how to make the most of it.

Why choose us?

Solar Plus Electrical brings unparalleled levels of quality, customer service and expertise to solar + battery and EV charger installations. If you choose Solar Plus Electrical, we promise that you’ll always get the following with us:

  • A Clean Energy Council (CEC)-accredited installer who’s a qualified Master Electrician
  • Unrivalled levels of customer service and quality workmanship
  • A detailed assessment of your current energy use upon receipt of your energy bills
  • An on-site assessment by a qualified installer
  • A tailored, obligation-free quote and solution that fits your present and future needs
  • Assistance with qualifying for government incentives and rebates
  • Meticulous installation using quality, proven components
  • Guidance on making the most of your system and follow-up aftercare