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Regular maintenance of your solar system is essential to keep it working at peak efficiency. At the very least, dirt and leaf litter buildup on your panels can reduce the amount of power they generate; in addition, solar modules and electrical cabling can degrade over time. 

Also, wild weather can damage rooftop solar PV panels, resulting in panels needing to be replaced. If left untouched, this will directly affect the efficiency of your system. Inverter issues can lead to reduced power generation, and battery faults can also result in you pulling more power from the grid – ultimately costing you money you shouldn’t have to spend.

Solar Plus’s routine maintenance services find and eliminate these problems before they end up costing you additional and unnecessary expense.

Keep your solar + battery system working at maximum efficiency with our regular maintenance service.

Scheduled maintenance

Take the worry and hassle out of maintaining your solar + battery system: our scheduled maintenance plans mean we come out to your home or business premises to clean, inspect, repair and upgrade your system at agreed intervals. Ideal for homeowners and business owners alike!

Ad hoc servicing & repairs

Has your system efficiency dropped recently, or is your power bill larger than you were expecting? Book an ad hoc maintenance appointment to ensure everything’s shipshape with your system. Emergency callouts available for systems damaged by weather events or other incidents.

How it works

  • You book the relevant maintenance appointment with our friendly admin team (if you’re on a scheduled maintenance plan, we’ll contact you to confirm the appointment.
  • Our expert electricians will visit your premises to inspect your system and carry out maintenance tasks
  • If repairs are required, we’ll let you know and discuss the way forward with you before proceeding.

Why choose us?

Solar Plus Electrical brings unparalleled levels of quality, customer service and expertise to solar + battery and EV charger installations. If you choose Solar Plus Electrical, we promise that you’ll always get the following with us:

  • A Clean Energy Council (CEC)-accredited installer who’s a qualified Master Electrician
  • Unrivalled levels of customer service and quality workmanship
  • A detailed assessment of your current energy use upon receipt of your energy bills
  • An on-site assessment by a qualified installer
  • A tailored, obligation-free quote and solution that fits your present and future needs
  • Assistance with qualifying for government incentives and rebates
  • Meticulous installation using quality, proven components
  • Guidance on making the most of your system and follow-up aftercare