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We’re all conscious of our energy consumption nowadays – whether it’s due to concerns about the environmental impact or anxiety about the size of the electricity bill at the end of the quarter.

But what if you were able to use all the electricity you want, whenever you want, without worrying about the size of your bill at the end of the day?

That’s the power of a Solar Plus solar + battery installation. Unlike a panel-only system, where excess electricity is fed back into the grid during the day and you’re charged a premium to use mains power when the sun’s gone down, a battery system stores the power your panels generate during the day for use whenever you want. It’s about as close to free electricity as you can get; plus, it also means you have a power backup if there’s a power cut.

However, not all solar + battery installations are equal: too often, the cost of the system installation outweighs the potential gains you’ll make. That’s where Solar Plus comes in.  We are not just another solar sales company: we are electricians who specialise in solar power.

Our CEC-accredited Master Electricians have years of experience in residential installations: every project we undertake is a true custom design, based upon your needs, your energy usage and your situation.

If you choose Solar Plus Electrical, we promise that you’ll always get the following with us:
  • A Clean Energy Council (CEC)-accredited installer who’s a qualified Master Electrician
  • Unrivalled levels of customer service and quality workmanship
  • A detailed assessment of your current energy use upon receipt of your energy bills
  • An on-site assessment by a qualified installer
  • A tailored, obligation-free quote and solution that fits your present and future needs –
  • Assistance with qualifying for government incentives and rebates
  • Meticulous installation using quality, proven components
  • Guidance on making the most of your system and follow-up aftercare




Residential solar + battery installations

Whether you’re living alone or have a full house, a solar + battery system can help save you money, ensure you always have power, and help the environment. Our solar specialists will diagnose your electricity consumption and future plans before working with our CEC-accredited electricians to design a system tailored specifically to your needs. Our expert electricians will then visit your home to verify the design and ensure there are no surprises prior to installation. Once approved, we’ll meticulously install your new solar system and guide you through how to make the most of it.


Keep your solar + battery system working at maximum efficiency with our regular maintenance service. Ad hoc maintenance and scheduled service plans available.

EV chargers

Whether it’s Tesla, Wallbox or another brand, our Master Electricians are fully trained and accredited to install your EV charger so you can make the most of your electric vehicle – including integration with solar + battery systems. We’ll also take care of any necessary system upgrades (like switchboard or capacity upgrades) to ensure your EV charger always works smoothly.

Solar audits

Uncertain whether your existing system is working properly or is still sufficient for your needs? Our solar audit service will assess your energy needs and current setup, and present upgrade recommendations.