What state-based incentives and rebates are available in Victoria?

Victoria is one of the best states in Australia for installing solar power due to the number of incentives available. Key incentives include: 

  • The Solar Homes Program, which provides rebates of up to $1,400 towards the installation of solar panel systems. These rebates are offered to Victorians with existing homes, homes under construction, and rental properties. Eligible Victorians can also apply for an interest-free loan for an amount equivalent to their rebate amount. The loan is required to be repaid over four years or can be repaid sooner in one lump sum.
  • Solar battery loans reduce the upfront cost of installing a solar battery, with repayments made over a four-year period. 
  • The Solar for Apartments Program is jointly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to support apartment households to benefit from lower energy bills through installing solar. This program reduces the cost of installing solar PV on apartment buildings, by providing successful applicants grants of up to $2,800 per apartment. The maximum grant amount is $140,000 for buildings of up to 50 apartments.

To find out what incentives you might be eligible for, visit https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/ or contact us to talk in more detail.